3 Things NOT To Do To Find Your Style


#2 Putting Pressure on Style, It’s Like Picking A Scab

Remember when I said that I was lucky? I was able to find my style before the huge rise and ease of access to social media, (mainly referring to Instagram). Before the competition set in. Well, that’s true, but it isn’t the full picture.

We all know that if you keep picking at a scab, it gets worse. It could even scar! Doesn’t sound like the way to find your style, right?

Leave it alone, let it do its thing and it’ll heal itself.

Well, to find your style my friend is virtually the same. You’ve got to trust that you’ll get there. You’ll find it. Be able to express it.

Engage in action, approach each shoot with a mindset of discovery and eventually, you will be led there.

Don’t pick the scab. Don’t put too much pressure on it.


#3 Forget To Analyse and Get Caught Up in A Negative Mindset

Bless us. We set out with the best intentions to do our style research and all we end up with is feeling worse than we did before.

Well, that is largely due to habit and we can’t be too hard on ourselves.

But we need to remember what the intention here is. Style research should be about analysing elements in the work of others to pinpoint what we like and connect with.

When we just think ‘everything’, I like everything about someone else’s work it becomes about comparison and can lead you away from being able to find your style.

When we pinpoint an element it becomes about analysis. Forgetting what the intention of style research is, just makes us feel shitty and won’t help you to find your style.


What You Can Do Instead

Now that we know we don’t just want to consume, pick the scab and get caught up in a negative mindset. So what should you do instead to find your style?

Well, there are two things you can do that are simple. The trick is to have persistence and willpower. Then you’ll for sure find your style.

Doing this exercise will more likely help you find your style without the comparison trap.

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